News archive: May 2019

  • Posted on May 27, 2019
    Renting a single property out to multiple tenants can seem like an attractive option for landlords as a way of creating more stability with rental income; having one room empty across seasonal changes in demand is better than having a whole house empty. While house-sharing may bring back memories of being in university, the appeal to cohabitate is there for a growing number of people aged over 35.
  • Posted on May 20, 2019
    In May 2019 the government produced a 20 page 'How to Buy Guide' for people purchasing a property in England and Wales. It sets out a number of key categories purchasers like you should consider before choosing a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor to help you get the best service. Here at QualitySolicitors Lockings, we are eager to show you why following the new government guide means you should pick us for your purchase. Take a look below to see what the guide says and how we compare.