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Property Boundary Disputes

We help determine the most accurate property boundaries so you can avoid lengthy legal battles with your neighbour and skip to an amicable agreement.

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Reaching Amicable Agreements –– Even in the Most Ambiguous Areas of Law

Boundary disputes are one of the most common forms of property dispute –– and one we have extensive experience in. However, property boundaries are often ambiguous and difficult to solve. An argument over a few inches of land could easily end up in an expensive, long-term lawsuit.

At Lockings, we avoid this painful, costly process and work to resolve issues between you and your neighbour outside the courtroom. Reaching an amicable agreement about where land begins and ends is better for everyone involved and removes the risk of long-lasting tension.

So, whether you’re struggling to see eye to eye on the use of shared land or you’re unhappy with the position of a new wall or fence, we can help to keep the peace between you and your neighbour while keeping the cost and stress of resolving a boundary dispute to a minimum.

Through expert mediation and a focus on finding a middle ground, we help your home to feel like home again without any awkwardness in the air.

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I would definitely recommend Quality Solicitors for your quality service throughout the process. Very efficient and they keep you informed about the progress of your case without even asking for…

Rumana Firdose

We have recently sold & bought through Lockings the Beverley Branch, and the service was exceptional, advising us along the way, even when we hit stumbling blocks. We have only…

Mrs Sally Morton

Highly professional service, no superfluous communications and a real sense of support throughout the processes of both buying and selling. A very big thankyou from both of us.

Peter Rotherham