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Employers may suggest compromise agreements, also known as settlement agreements, during termination or redundancy processes as a way of facilitating employee departures from the business on agreed terms.

It’s important employees understand what their rights are during the negotiation process and what their obligations are once they sign on the dotted line and enact it. As experienced compromise agreement solicitors in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire, we have worked with employees in local and national businesses to represent their best interests.

Local Compromise Agreement Solicitors in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire

We work side-by-side with employees who’ve been asked to sign a compromise agreement, but they’re not sure whether they should sign, they may feel they’re being forced to resign, or they want clarity on whether they’re in a good position to negotiate the terms. Once signed, the agreement will be final so it’s important to only sign if you fully understand what you’re agreeing to.

What a Compromise Agreement Includes

Compromise agreements involve much more than any separation payment that may be negotiated as part of the terms. The ultimate outcome of each compromise agreement will vary depending on the circumstances. There may be a number of special clauses to consider that may seek to silence employees on the information they can share when their employment comes to an end, prohibit former employees from making contact with current employees, clients or other business contacts.

Trusted Advice for Employees

If you’re an employee who’s been asked to sign a compromise agreement, it is necessary to seek independent legal advice in order for the agreement to be valid. This is a core protection for employees to ensure you are not in a disadvantaged position. Because it’s necessary to have legal advice, it’s common for employers to pay a contribution for the legal costs.

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