Lasting power of attorney

The events of 2020 have highlighted just how vital it is to have the necessary protection in place should life change unexpectedly.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are documents which allow you to appoint those you people you most trust to assist you with the management of your property and financial affairs and/or health and welfare if you require.

There is often a misconception that Lasting Powers of Attorney are only ever used when someone has been deemed to have lost capacity to make their own decisions. Whilst this is certainly the case in respect of a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare, this is not true for Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs.

Did you know that you have the option for a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs to be used even if you still have capacity? In a time when a large proportion of us are shielding, isolating, or just simply not as confident at being out and about like we used to, then having a Lasting Power of Attorney for your Property and Financial Affairs allows your appointed attorneys to assist you with practical tasks that may not be feasible for you at the current time e.g. paying a cheque in at the bank or withdrawing money for the payment of bills.

To discuss your options and find out more about Lasting Powers of Attorney please feel free to contact a member of our knowledgeable Private Client Team on 01482 300 200 or and speak to the experts in protecting you and your family. 



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